Monday, March 28

Lasagna Supreme at Greenwich

I just had lasagna today! yey.. super yummy Lasagna Supreme at Greenwich. If only we have an oven, surely I will make one. lol but hmm sad to say we haven't, isn't that so sad? I hope someone will donate one for me ^^ 

I love to do baking someday, I will try to learn baking cakes. hehe.. another passion for food. Honestly, it was my first time to eat lasagna. It's super delicious! I look forward to eat another one. :P 
If you wanna make one please check out the link below :P

Click Lasagna for the recipe :) 


  1. ohhhh im craving now :) hmnnn

  2. Hi Cla!

    Thanks for the comment, I'm sorry about my blog is not that much but I hope you find it interesting :P

  3. Hi! ive been wanting to bake Lasagna na lasang greenwich tlaga. im in d US now, and iba lasa lasagna nla dto :( maasim. unlike greenwich,sbrang sarap.kya im planning to make my own and for my hsband. i clicked the link "lasagna" but it lead me to another site. is dat the one you're talking about?i really wanted to mke ung lasang greenwich tlga haha

  4. hi bambi, well I think, it's not the Greenwich recipe though. I just got that from another site. hmm you can have this trial and error recipe just to make sure the lasagna taste yummy hehe,


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