Saturday, February 26

Calamansi Juice Benefits

Calamansi Juice my favorite refreshing drink plus it is cheap with wonderful health benefits. My family loves drinking calamansi juice and we love to add calamansi juice on a soy sauce and it taste good too if you add its juice on a cooked meat. We have a calamansi tree at the back of our house, that means we adore CALAMANSI. 

Drinking Calamansi Juice is one good source of  vitamin C which boosts our immune system. In making a Calamansi Juice here's what you have to do:

Prepare 4-5 Big and Green Calamnsi fruit
A glass of Cold/Warm water (if you prefer warm)
A sugar to taste

1. You need to clean the Calamansi fruit and cut it into half.
2. Squeeze the calamansi fruit to get the juice and pour it into the glass of water. If you want to separate the seed you can use a fork, just squeeze the calamansi fruit on top of it.
3. Add the sugar to taste and stir.

Tada! it's done..easy huh?

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  1. I LOVE Calamansi ! <3

    First tried it in the Philippines and couldn't get away from it!

    Nice post ^.^


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